Heartwork (a poem)

‘It’s not easy being creative in this day and age’-
My mum taught me that.
And as in so many things,
I have to reluctantly admit that she was right
As sometimes, I don’t have it in me to write
And then when I can, I feel like a fraud.
And I realise I’ll have to work hard
For little to nothing
Spending weekdays spinning stars for most of my life.
But it’s worth it for the people-
Those whose lives are immersed in art
and those encountering for the first time-
Living on the breadline
But able to lose themselves in a story for a while.
For knowing glances,
And the gentle smiles of an audience member who understands-
And for joy expressed through clapping hands and confident ‘woop!’s.
For rehearsals, practices
Singing in groups and dancing around doing loop de loops,
For togetherness and community-
Feelings of inclusivity in the 21st century
Where money rules often and hearts are sometimes forgotten.
For struggles and  victories,
and for making my mum smile.
Great art does that-
It really goes the mile.

Hope you enjoy today’s offering-poem #2 of (I hope!) 52! I wrote this a little while ago but have been drafting it again this week. I’ve also written poems about old friends, maths and (inevitably!) Trump in the past 7 days. I do hope to write a bit less about Trump soon-he really doesn’t deserve this much creative energy.
Thanks for the lovely response to the first poem-let me know what you think about this one below! H x