Letter to Piers (a poem)

Dearest, Darlingest Piers Morgan,

Thank you for proving that you are a coward
Afraid of a woman’s ‘nasty’ power
As she stands up proudly against Trump, and his tower.
You talk and share your political views freely-
But really
There is little more than hot air flowing through your veins,
Deluding your brain
To make sexist views and elitism seem like they’re okay.
I’m sorry
That our marches upset you.
Crying in your corner,
Did you feel as oppressed as we do?
I doubt it-
Bragging yet again that you have a friend in higher places.
But if he falls somewhere along the line,
Will you stand loyally by his side
The way I do with my sisters?
I doubt it.
I doubt you.


A woman who likes to talk freely about things that scare you x

P.S Ewan’s with us. He says hi.


So yes-I’ve been writing about Trump again this week! I guess there’s a lot to say about him, and to him, right now. Also, the Piers Morgan/Ewan MacGregor situation’s been an interesting one today. Like Ewan, the women’s march really inspired me-I’m so glad that many Americans are standing up for what they believe in, in spite of being left with a president they do not want. Here’s a bit of support from the other side of the Atlantic-enjoy and I’ll be back soon!

H xx



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