All is Not Lost-(poem #4)

I love it when people find love in the funniest hidden corners-

Tucked away like a forgotten secret waiting to be found.

When eyes meet over frozen peas in supermarket aisles

Or in the secret smiles of a stranger on the street that you haven’t had time to meet.

Or when the fire alarms rings at 2am-

Bundled out in the cold,

You catch your love’s sleepy eyes for the first time

As you queue up in lines.


There’s something about hands held in car parks

Or greasy spoons

Or sportswear factories

That’s much more romantic than lovers staring doe-eyed on Valentine’s Day.

Halloween’s more romantic if you ask me-

As it proves all that is meant to be

And the darkest corners are lit up, illuminated.


See? All is not lost.


This week’s poem was a victim of the 21st century earlier on today. These days, I tend to write a lot of on my iPhone-despite owning about 20,0000 notebooks, it’s easier and more convenient. I wrote this poem on the bus to work last week, so naturally I typed it rather than writing by hand. However, just as I was about to share it with you, my hand slipped and I ended up deleting the whole thing. Try as I might, I could find no way of getting it back-so I had to write it out again. Using the remnants of the poem I could remember as jigsaw pieces, I put the poem above together. I’m actually quite pleased with the final result-it’s a slightly different shape to the original, but works all the same. It’s called ‘All is Not Lost’ as a quiet reminder to myself that even when life gives you lemons, you can make lemonade. Or in this case, a decent poem.

Until next week,

H x



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