Blonde (Poem #5)

Back in school

We mocked her very blonde hairstyle-
Coiffured in a style unfavourable to most.
Her skin was pale by nature-
But we thought the orange lacquer she covered her face in
Made her look more like the class clown
Than our teacher.
She wore sharp suits with little grace,
And put too much lipstick on her face.
And we thought she’d never be successful,
Looking like that.
And unfortunately
(My feminist credentials scream, many years later)-
she wasn’t.
But he was-
Getting a job one step down from the gods
(Or so they say).
And whilst she faked maths results,
He will fake smiles, and truth, and love
And above all
I hope his veneers won’t cause us to fall
For a fake dream-
Confirmed, once and for all.

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