A Little Warmth (Poem #6)

I’ve been feeling cold recently.
The soft pads of my fingertips hardened by cold corners
As I dream of saunas and comfy seats.
Old sitcoms on repeat on the tv
As we blankly stare at screens
And barely know the means of connecting when our eyes meet-
Turning in different directions to avoid the glances of each other.
We coldly regard news stories too harrowing-
abject poverty in human jungles created by the cold indifference of distance and kilometres-
Because our homes are too comfortable,
Our backs turned too often

Our little minds hardened.

If there was ever a time for a hot-chocolate making heat to warm the cockles of kindness in our frozen hearts, it is now.
Time to find a spark to inspire a bonfire-
Not to burn away the things we love,
But to reignite what we’ve lost.
To take the frost off a friendly face
And find a place to reach out and share.
To take a damp Tuesday of despair
And turn it into a day of hope, simply by braving a smile and a joke.
This warmth is not meant to scold.
Instead it can hold us together in hard times-
Allowing us to read through newspaper lines
And speak with reality-
Keeping the sanity
With ‘how are you reallys’ and moments of clarity.
A little warmth can go a long way
To take the edge off things-
Thawing us out until we feel the ends of our fingers again.

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