Holiday, 2017 (Poem #7)

In years to come
I will probably forget most of this-
Forget that this poem even exists
But for now, I want to remember
the mists that made us laugh on the way to the beach,
following us through the sunniest spot in England.
The place names that made us chuckle
and the ones we couldn’t pronounce-
and the way the car bounced over speed bumps-
‘They do love them here’.
The way you wrapped your hands around a cup to warm them up,
and your hidden knowledge about whiskey.
The way we sang Beyoncé, and Ed Sheeran,
and re-enacted Titanic on an empty beach,
and the speech you gave about how pleased you were that we were all together.
In years to come I will probably forget most of this-
but for now
I will store these memories carefully in my mind-
helping them assail the winds of time.
Sorry that this poem’s a bit late-as you can see from the above, I’ve been on holiday! It’s felt a bit tougher to write recently-at the start of the year I was really inspired, but more recently I’ve been going through a sporadic patch. I’m not a fan of forcing myself to write-preferring to save writing for moments of genuine inspiration-but when you’re doing a writing challenge which requires a poem a week, sometimes you have to push through the barrier. That’s what I did with this poem, and I’m actually quite pleased with the outcome. I guess sometimes, you have to stop waiting for the inspiration to come to you-and actively go out there and search for it.
Be back soon,
H xx

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