Q&A (Poem #8)

You: ‘It’s all very well being a poet in your castle
When you’re 16 and have nothing to do.
you’re an adult now-
and single too.
Who’s going to pay the bills for you?’
Me: ‘You clearly haven’t clue
about what it’s like to do as I do.’
The ‘you’ in this teeny, tiny poem isn’t about any particular person or a real conversation. Rather, it’s about an attitude that I feel pervades society when it comes to those who choose to work in the arts. I’m really lucky that I’m often surrounded by wonderful people who can see the inherent value in creativity (I count my lovely blog readers amongst those!), but there are too many that disregard its inherent worth. Sadly, there are some who don’t understand that although being a writer or a dancer or an artist is highly unlikely to make you rich or powerful, it does have the ability to bring you something better-fulfillment. I believe that artists live everywhere-they are not simply the professional full-timers, but also the waiters, bar staff, carpenters, bakers and shopkeepers that you meet on a daily basis. They rarely live in castles; in fact, I believe the best artists are the ones that fully engage with and experience the world that they live in. And that’s what I will try to continue to do.
See you next week,
H xx

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