Thought Bus (poem #9)

in between
is where I think best.
Somewhere between a and b
Where I recline, and rest, and dream
Somewhere between the day I’ve had,
and the evening that will be
I think of all the times we’ve had,
and things that might have been.
Sometime soon,
I’ll probably get keys to my own skoda-
I’ll have a wheel to take me where I need to go and wander.
But then
I’ll need to think of brakes and gears and three point turns-
I won’t get to explore my mind and find out what I’ll learn.
I’ll probably miss outlines of the mountains that pass by me,
or the funny old exchanges of the people who sit closely,
and though I hate the smell of beer and sweat and old wet dog
and that my walk up to the stop is more often a jog

I’ll miss the the thoughts and space it gives my funny little nog.

For here,
is where I think best.
Somewhere between a and b,
I sit and drift, and gently dream.
I’ve been meaning to write this poem for a while. It’s an ode to one of my long-time buddies-the local service bus! I realised recently that whilst I’ll gain all kinds of things when I e-v-e-n-t-u-a-l-l-y  pass my driving test, they’ll be some things that I lose too-and space to think is one of them. I also really love writing on buses and trains, and have written some of my favourite poems whilst in transit. So perhaps in the future, when I’m a bit short on inspiration, I’ll just have the catch the bus.

I also have another little thing to share with you today. I’ve been looking for a while for some more innovative ways to post my poetry on here, and this week I was able to workshop some ideas with some brilliant creative minds in an event that took place at my workplace. We didn’t have a great deal of time, but someone suggested that we made shadow puppets to animate the film and bring it to life. Brainwave! Whilst we were only able to film the first few lines in this session (see below), I still have the puppets-and I’m hoping  I’ll be able to film the whole thing soon. Watch this space! A huge thank you to Di, Emma and Jules for the ideas, feedback and filming.

That’s it for today-I’ll be back soon.

H xx


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