My Fabric (poem #10)

There are two ways to experience this week’s poem.

Here’s the sound clip-

And here’s the text:

I’m a daughter
a sister
an office worker
and a poet (although for a while, I didn’t really know it.)
I’m a world class singer in the shower
and a big believer in girl power
I’m a Buddhist, a young women’s leader
and although I’m petite, I’m a pretty big eater
 I’m a drama facilitator
a Shakespeare reciter
a Pilates class attendee
and have made some money for charity.
I’m a cruelty free makeup wearer,
a mental health advocate,
and a friend.
I’m a blogger,
a writer,
an unskilled Zumba dancer
a stargazer
tea drinker
cake eater
and a badass Welsh woman who is proud to be a woman.
Who are you?
I wrote this poem on International Women’s Day. It’s largely inspired by a wonderful YouTuber called Louise Pentland (AKA Sprinkleofglitter), and a video she created called ‘I’m SO sorry’ (which you can watch here). In the video, Louise discusses how women are often quick to apologise for their ‘failures’ or imperfections, but are far less likely to praise themselves for their strengths and successes-something that we’re perhaps conditioned to do by society from an early age. She encouraged her viewers to stop apologising for their minor faults, and to write a list of all the amazing things they are and post it in the comments. This poem is my list, and I’m mighty proud of it. Every person has their strengths as well as their weaknesses-and this is a lovely way to remember them and praise ourselves for them.

Also-the question at the end of the poem is not rhetorical! I’d love to know about all the amazing things you are. If you’ve been inspired, perhaps you could post a poem or list of your own in the comments.

Keep smiling,

H xx


3 thoughts on “My Fabric (poem #10)

  1. Alex says:

    I’m not much for commenting unless something truly captures my attention. What do I say as comment? I could simply say, “I appreciate your work.” as I was going to write at first. It seemed so impersonal. I am a human being and so are you, so a comment deserves much more than such an impersonal statement of appreciation. Your work has indeed captured my attention. Shall I say how your work has captured my attention? Will it really matter in any way?

    I am not only commenting about this particular poem, which is a delight not only to read but to listen to you reading it also. It also led me to “Funeral Shop” which was very much a delight also. Reminding me of Jazz based beatnik poetry of yesteryear, though a much more clean and wholesome delicacy than that of the beatniks. I found myself enjoy the story, expressed in poetic form.

    As for the poem I am currently commenting on, it is a truly enjoyable poem based on wonderful you. Such a nice, positive, open expression that caused me to smile at the genuineness of your expression of yourself.

    Your poetry is so refreshing. Uplifting, thought provoking and simply a joy to experience.

    So there. I commented a comment worth commenting on how your poetry captured my attention. Oh, I also enjoyed the video based on your poem “Thought Bus.” A great concept, and another very enjoyable poem. Do complete that video if you get a chance. 🙂


    • Welcome! says:

      Hi Alex 🙂 Thank you so much for your truly lovely comment-it’s really touched me! This is the whole reason I’ve decided to share poetry-so that others can feel joy and be inspired. Your comment has spurred me on to do more of the same, and to hopefully become better and more skilful with time. Thanks again-I really appreciate your appreciation! Take care 🙂 x


      • Alex says:

        I sincerely hope you will continue to express yourself through poetry, spoken word, stories, videos and any other way that you enjoy expressing yourself. What you express and the way you express yourself is like finding a rare pearl. So unique and genuine. Graciously wise. A joy to experience. Rich thoughts combined with such delightful humor. I could go on but I feel I may have over done it already. The world deserves to experience the joy of who you are.


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