A Wrinkly Reminder (poem #11)

People aren’t all bad.
We read of terrorists bombing,
and live in a climate of fear
after all that has happened.
‘The world’s going mad.’
But then you see something.
A little old lady-
much older than eighty
getting off the train.
One moves forward,
then another-
holding her arm like a (much) younger brother.
Not hurting, but helping-
not taking, but giving.
More hands link with hers
and she is swept off their feet-
reminding her of blushing dances
and better times.
Brought down to earth with a gentle bump,
she sits upright and proud in the wheelchair brought to help her-
as the smallest reminder of all that is good in the world.
Although she be but old
She is fierce-
a wrinkly reminder
that things will get better.

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