Lost Ones (poem #14)

Dear Lost Ones,

Maybe one day,
our eyes will meet across a crowded room,
and we’ll share a knowing smile like they do in the movies.

Maybe I’ll remember something profound you said,
and pin it up in my head
amongst hopes and dreams and use it to figure things out.

Maybe you’ll come across a letter that I wrote,
And for a minute you’ll feel longing
And then you’ll throw it away.

Maybe we will walk and talk and sing and laugh again-
The past unfurling in the gaps of our time.

Maybe you’ll hear a line of poetry, and think of me-
Or maybe you’ll forget,
Life unfurling in your memory.

But the parts of you I knew and loved
Will always be a part of me.

With Love,

An Old Friend

I guess we all have people in our lives who we drift apart from, or lose close connections to. It’s just the world works-the ebb and flow of change and transformation. I wrote this poem as a little ‘thank you’ to the people I’ve found and lost over the past twenty-something years. Even though these people may no longer be present in my life, they have helped shape the person that I am today-through learnt lessons and shared experiences and memories held dear. As I go forward, the things I’ve learnt about human relationships through these people (and of course, the ones I still have in my life) allow me to make wiser choices, brave decisions and kind actions. So thank you, lost friends, for the impact you’ve made- and I hope you are happy and healthy, wherever you are.

Thanks also to all my new readers-there’s been quite a few recently! It’s lovely to know that there’s people out there who are enjoying my poetry. Please feel free to comment and say hi if you’d like to 🙂

Bye for now,

H x


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