Sea Breeze (poem #18)

These paths have been trodden before-
in bright pink jelly shoes,
and too-big wellies
and muddy walking boots.
I walked them at 4
and walk them again at 24,
the memories appearing amongst rock pools and crab pots,
seaweed and waves.

We took a photo here.
Usually you’d shout
‘Put that camera away’-
But this time,
you put your arms around us,
As our heads tilt inwards to capture the moment.
The wind whips our hair wildly-
but it can’t blow away the warmth in our hearts.
For here is cosy, safe, home.

Now, I walk-
your spirit and smile captured in the wind.
You live in it now-
carrying memories, and stories, and moments.
I breathe the air in,
spot you for a moment,
and smile.


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